About us - PanAfrican Trading Alliance

PanAfrican Trading Alliance is an importer and distributor in the countries of Africa and Middle East. Our main activity is the supply and sale of Ukrainian origin products, logistics and distribution, as well as investments in the development of trade infrastructure.

Since December 2014, our company is an importer and distributor of Ukrainian-made food products to countries such as Tanzania with a central office in Dar-es-Salaam city. Since May 2015, we have started work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with an office and a warehouse with a freezer in the Kinshasa, becoming the largest importer of Ukrainian chicken meat. Over the first year of operation, more than 1500 tons of chicken were sold.

Currently, we are expanding the geography of supplies and looking for partners to implement a joint investment project in Tanzania and Nigeria – the construction of a network of logistics centers (warehouses with industrial refrigerators and freezers, showrooms, fast food, processing, packaging and packaging) and retail outlets on foodmarkets in the cities of the east and west coasts.