Non Stop

We have developed two special versions of the drink – night and day: it is NON STOP Day with a taste of apple and
NON STOP Night raspberry-acai with natural shizandra extract, which in itself is a natural energy substance and alternative
to caffeine. Those who working or having fun all night, need more powerful energy boost.

And in the daytime lighter version of energy drink will approach. New Products Group took into account these wishes
of consumers and introduced energy drink directed at maintaining the powers of man at the right time of day.
For lovers of classic taste leader of the products range was and is NON STOP Original.

All tastes have gained new package with a bright and dynamic design with imagine of active, never sleeping metropolis
under renewed, but always recognizable brand logo.

Can 250 mL, 500 mL
PET bottle 500 ml, 750 ml