APPS, Apple Cider

APPS cider produced by fermentation of natural apple juice with no added alcohol. With this technology, the drink has a fresh light taste and aroma.

100% Natural. No artificial flavors. Without addition of spirit. On the basis of apple juice.
Light with sweetness and pronounced aroma of apples.

Cider APPS – is a breath of real freshness in the Big City!

APPS – drink for a “new youth”, “ APPS generation», for those who are ready for a fresh sensation, who seek to ease life, who are concerned their individuality and freedom. For those who like to communicate without barriers with people from all over the world, who want to take a sip of real life in a crazy rhythm of the city.

The drink has two flavors:
– APPS Classic – is sweet cider of golden color, with bright apple taste and slight acidity
– APPS McIntosh is with elderberry extract and a hint of berry, got its name in honor of McIntosh apples.

Bottle – 330 ml, alcohol content 5-6,9%
Can – 500 ml, alcohol content 5-6,9%